A Living Wage

London Citizens’ Living Wage Campaign

The Living Wage Campaign calls for every worker in the country to earn enough to provide their family with the essentials of life. Launched by London Citizens in 2001, the campaign has won over £70 million of Living Wages, lifting over 10,000 families out of working poverty.

The Living Wage - watch video with Dr Anna Rowlands explaining why Catholic Social Teaching supports the Living Wage plus useful downloads.

London Citizens have a distinctive way of working and you can learn about this via their video material - click on the pink links - a video about the Living Wage and a brilliant animated film about Community Organising. You will find more at the Citizens UK website. 

Read about the background to London Citizens and the people involved in the campaign in this Guardian article: Living Wage campaign marks 10 years of fighting for the poorest"Ken Livingstone calls them "the best example of the big society I've seen in the past decade". London Citizens, which started as a ragtag band of church groups..." click here to go to the full article. © Guardian News & Media Ltd

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