Common Good Formation for Church Leaders

In a time of polarisation and social fragmentation, the churches and their people could make a major contribution to be a bridge across divisions and to strengthen civil society.

But to do this, church leaders will need to reconnect with mission - not only be nourished by tradition but also to catch the vision of a Church not just ​for the poor, but ​of the poor.

Becoming conversant with the principles of Common Good Thinking, understanding the causes behind social fragmentation, committing to building relationship as part of mission will all help build this capacity. 

Our Here: Now: Us Church Leaders Common Good Training course offers an opportunity to reflect deeply with other leaders on how a church community can best serve its neighbourhood, build relationship and strengthen social trust.

Common Good Thinking offers a powerful way to renew a sense of mission for vicars, priests, pastors, chaplains, religious brothers and sisters, senior lay leaders and others who have had theological formation and who work with a congregation or who lead a community.

The training components include:

  • What the Common Good means and why it is important; the Christian vision of the Common Good; to counter individualism by renewing a sense of mutual obligation and building community

  • Exploring and understanding the Common Good Principles in action and how to apply them

  • Looking at how society is organised and the causes of division; the vocational responsibility of intermediate institutions including churches

  • The role of Christian leaders as honest brokers. Listening, respecting difference and reconciliation; the role of the churches in fostering local leadership; ecumenical joint working

  • Practical action: the Common Good in the 21st Century

This training works well as a a component within a continuing professional development programme, theological institute or diocese, or as a standalone course on a study centre programme.

The material is currently designed to be delivered as an overnight residential, but we are planning to adapt it into a suite of modules to allow for other formats.

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