Calling People of Goodwill: the Bible and the Common Good

A compact, pocket-sized booklet, to help you understand the common good in the Bible and respond to God’s calling to transform the world. With six Bible passages with reflections, questions and prayers to prompt discussion and constructive actionDesigned as a stimulus for discussion and prayer groups, assemblies, away-days, parish events, conferences, retreats. Suitable for Christians of all traditions, from age 13 upwards. Produced in partnership with Bible Society in 2017. On sale via Bible Society shop at £3.99 per copy. 

A Faithful Presence: working together for the common good

Hilary Russell explores how faith-based collaboration works best for the common good. This practical and accessible book, written in non-technical language, will inspire and equip all who wish to make a tangible difference in today’s world and strengthen civil society. She also traces the thinking underlying the work of T4CG, not least the link between faith and action. The book contains case studies and real life examples of the ways in which churches are working together through social action, service provision, community building, prayer and advocacy. Published by SCM in 2015. Usually sold at £10.99 per copy.

Together for the Common Good: Towards a National Conversation

A collection of thirteen essays, is intended as a conversation opener to inform and inspire a deeper quality of discussion about the common good. Contributors: Lord Maurice Glasman, Clifford Longley, Dr Jonathan Chaplin, Lord Brian Griffiths, Dr Jon Wilson, Tehmina Kazi, Professor Andrew Bradstock, Dr Anna Rowlands, Professor Esther Reed, Dr Patrick Riordan SJ, Professor Phillip Booth, Sam Burgess and Revd Dr Malcolm Brown. Editors Professor Nicholas Sagovsky and Dr Peter McGrail. Published by SCM in 2015. Usually sold at £25 per copy.