Together for the Common Good is a charity working to strengthen the bonds of social trust to ensure the flourishing of all.   

Our work calls people to fulfil their vocational responsibility by putting Common Good principles into practice and by working with others of different opinions and backgrounds in shared purpose.

We believe in the sacred nature of our common humanity and that every person has a contribution to make.

We offer resources, training and events, and serve as a bridge where people who want to bring the Common Good alive can meet, to reimagine a culture that overcomes division and puts people, communities and relationships first. 

We are volunteer-driven and partner with people across the churches, as well as with allies from fellow faith and non religious traditions. T4CG is ecumenical, non-partisan and independent of any institution or religious denomination. 

T4CG's founder director is Jenny Sinclair, our part time Director of Operations is Alison Gelder. Our board of trustees includes: Richard Holman (Acting Chair and Treasurer), Andrew Bradstock, Helen O’Brien, Geoff Knott and Holly Terry (Company Secretary).

T4CG punches above its weight thanks to help-in-kind from many individuals and partner organisations. We are proud of our wonderful Associates, Working Groups and Volunteers who contribute on a pro bono basis to different strands of our work, too many to list here. 

We draw from across the Judeo Christian traditions, in particular on the principles of Catholic social thought, a body of thinking rooted in the gospel which provides a set of tools for good judgment to build a common life together - a recipe for just relationships in which each person takes responsibility, according to their gifts and abilities. To make it more widely accessible, we call it ‘Common Good Thinking’.



T4CG gratefully acknowledges help-in-kind and pro bono support from a wide range of people and partner organisations, too many to list here. Our sincere thanks go to the Sisters of Mercy of Great Britain for so kindly hosting us in their building. We are grateful for financial support this year from CCLA who are enabling us to build a new website and Westhill who have contributed to funding one of our projects. 

We are currently seeking support and welcome expressions of interest - for details, please click here.