Educare al Bene Comune (23-25.4.2016)



23 - 25 April 2016:
A small conference for teachers and regional education coordinators in Italy, organised by The National Italian Catholic Teachers Association (AIMC Associazione Italiana Maestri Cattolici) in association with Together for the Common Good.

Since the conference, several of the delegates have committed to applying what they have learned in their professional contexts, with one intending to focus his dissertation on the common good, another planning to weave common good thinking into her primary curriculum and another planning an event. There were enthusiastic requests for a follow up conference in 2017 and the group will be coming to the UK to meet with British teachers to take the initiative forward together. 


Held in San Marino and hosted in partnership by the Sisters of the Poor Clares and the Franciscan Friars of Valdragone, The conference featured extended discussions along with insights from the Together for the Common Good project with keynote speaker Jenny Sinclair, Founder/Director of T4CG. The conference was attended by teachers and educational coordinators from across Italy.

A report by organiser Franca Gambari:

On the weekend of April 25 the AIMC of Modena organized a conference entitled: "EDUCATING THE COMMON GOOD IN SCHOOL AND IN A EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE" which was attended by Jenny Sinclair, founder and director of 'TOGETHER FOR THE COMMON GOOD'. During the conference Jenny spoke of her personal experience, profoundly linked to ecumenism, born an Anglican who became a Catholic, and as the daughter of the Anglican Bishop David Sheppard who worked for twenty years with the Catholic Archbishop Derek Worlock in the city of Liverpool.

Drawing inspiration from their partnership reminded us that the common good is realised in our every day lives, in all the contexts in which we work, and especially when we commit ourselves to work together despite our differences. In this way there is the invitation to all the faithful by Pope Francis, that reminds us "not to build walls but to build bridges."

The conference was attended by a good group of teachers from different Italian regions. Collecting impressions of the participants we can say that the experience was a '360 degree enrichment' - in terms of seeing the ways in which the common good can be applied in Europe and beyond to strengthen civil society. Hence the Christian message opens not only to the individual but to the love of, and the shared commitment to, all humanity. The meeting was honored by the presence of the Bishop of San Marino-Montefeltro, His Excellency Monsignor Andrea Turazzi, who devoted part of his precious time on the afternoon of April 23.

One of the delegates produced a simple summary of her reflections on the conference, downloadable here.

An article appeared in the San Marino Diocesan Paper after the event:


Educare al bene comune nella scuola


Durante il ponte del 25 aprile l’Associazione Italiana Maestri Cattolici (AIMC) di Modena ha organizzato nella località di Valdragone a Borgo Maggiore (Repubblica di San Marino) un Convegno dal titolo: “EDUCARE AL BENE COMUNE NELLA SCUOLA E IN UNA PROSPETTIVA EUROPEA” al quale ha partecipato la relatrice inglese Jenny Sinclair, fondatrice e direttrice

del Progetto “TOGETHER FOR THE COMMON GOOD – CHRISTIAN COLLABORATION FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE”. La Signora Sinclair è stata invitata a parlarci della sua esperienza

personale, legata in particolare all’ecumenismo, in quanto figlia del Vescovo Anglicano David Sheppard che ha collaborato per circa vent’anni con il Vescovo Cattolico Derek Worlock nella

città di Liverpool. Ispirandosi al loro partenariato ci ha ricordato che il bene comune si realizza nella nostra vita di tutti i giorni, in tutti i contesti in cui operiamo, nel momento in cui ci impegniamo a lavorare insieme nonostante le differenze. In questo modo si realizza l’invito rivolto a tutti i fedeli da Papa Francesco, che ci ricorda di “non innalzare muri ma costruire ponti”. L’incontro è stato onorato dalla presenza del Vescovo di San Marino-Montefeltro, S.E. Monsignor Andrea Turazzi, che ci ha dedicato parte del suo prezioso tempo nel pomeriggio del 23 aprile e che ringraziamo caramente, con rispetto filiale, per la sua disponibilità e partecipazione condivisa.

Arcangela Bizzarri e Franca Gambari

(Download whole paper here)