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We want people of goodwill to work together, across their traditions, to become agents of change for the common good

Together for the Common Good encourages people of goodwill, especially Christians of different traditions, to work together, alongside people of other faiths and secular allies, to become agents of change for the Common Good. We are building a new, broad coalition to re-imagine political life and commitment to the flourishing of all people.

Cover of the T4CG book


Left and Right are talking about the Common Good – but what does it mean? As the UK gears up to a General Election, how can we go beyond the constraints of party political tribalism to do what is needed for true human flourishing? 

The new T4CG book and accompanying Study Guide plus our two pre-election public debates bring together widely differing political affiliations and faith traditions to deepen the quality of the national conversation on the common good.

We hope you can join us, in person or via Twitter, on Wednesday 29 April at St Paul's Cathedral. Full details on our Events pages, where you can also find details of related events.

Events like these, and others around the country are evidence that the practice of the common good is emerging as a transformative, alternative way to approach our polarised political and cultural life. We believe that the common good is at the heart of a profound generational shift that has the potential to strengthen civil society and place human dignity at the heart of economic and political decision-making.

How can we become agents of change for the common good?  How can we spark a new political conversation framed around human dignity and the common good? As well as reading the book and using the study guide, there are lots of ways you can join in. Explore the ideas.

Further reading

Packed with ideas for further reading, related research; sections on What's the common good?, Catholic social thought, Video and audio clips, Urban Ministry...


Opinion pieces

Articles by Lord Glasman, Joshua Hordern, Anna Rowlands, Steve Wyler, Patrick Riordan SJ, Michael Wear, Andy Crouch, Jim Wallis, Clifford Longley, Angus Ritchie, Stanley Hauerwas and others...