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  • How long will it be before we realise that we are most effective when we collaborate, not only in charity but for justice?
  • "Something new is coming to birth" Jean Vanier
  • "When the strong and the weak live together, a compassionate love is born" Jean Vanier
  • "Each person, weak or strong, becomes someone uniquely valuable" Jean Vanier
  • The common good is an ancient tradition and at the same time a new approach
  • Look out for the T4CG book, being published in Spring 2015


We want people of goodwill to work together, across their traditions, to become agents of change for the common good

Together for the Common Good encourages people of goodwill, especially Christians of different traditions, to work together, alongside people of other faiths and secular allies, to become agents of change for the Common Good. We are building a new, broad coalition to re-imagine political life and commitment to the flourishing of all people.

The practice of the common good is beginning to emerge as a transformative, alternative way to approach our polarised political and cultural life. It is at the heart of a profound generational shift that has the potential to strengthen civil society and place human dignity at the heart of economic and political decision-making.

How can we become agents of change for the common good?  How can we spark a new political conversation framed around human dignity and the common good? 

There are lots of ways you can join in. Explore the ideas.

"The dignity of each human person and the pursuit of the common good are concerns which ought to shape all economic policies"  Pope Francis

"The idea of the common good derives from Jesus’s commandment to love our neighbor - including 'the least of these' - which is still the most transformational social ethic the world has ever seen"  Jim Wallis

"The common good of the community and justice are absolutely central to what it means to be a Christian." ++Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury

"Our daily deeds ... must produce an actual ... reality that will reinforce humanity's belief in justice, strengthen its confidence in the nobility of the human soul and sustain all our hopes for a glorious life for all."  Nelson Mandela


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Opinion pieces

Articles by Lord Glasman, Joshua Hordern, Anna Rowlands, Steve Wyler, Patrick Riordan SJ, Michael Wear, Andy Crouch, Jim Wallis, Clifford Longley, Angus Ritchie, Stanley Hauerwas and others...