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  • The T4CG book 'should be read by all interested in human rights, justice & politics in a secular & multi-cultural society’ Jean Vanier
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We want people of goodwill to work together, across their traditions, to become agents of change for the common good

Together for the Common Good encourages people of goodwill, especially Christians of different traditions, to work together, alongside people of other faiths and secular allies, to become agents of change for the Common Good. We are building a new, broad coalition to re-imagine cultural, political and economic life through a commitment to the flourishing of all people.

We want to see servant leadership that models mutual respect across the political and belief spectrum, committed to applying the principles of the common good in partnership with others. We hope for a new humility, a new cultural consensus which recognises that those who we disagree with on some (even major) issues may also driven by good motives and a genuine desire to serve the community.

Hard as this will be, this is how trust will be restored. It is fantasy to imagine that viable solutions that allow all to flourish can be sustainable without the participation of all. This is about building relationships between estranged groups: shareholders and employees, business and unions, faith and secular, left and right. The practice of the common good together across our different traditions and political perspectives is our co-creation.


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Cover of the T4CG book


When there's so much we disagree about, how are we going to work together?

The practice of the common good is a way forward. The T4CG book aims to inform and inspire a deeper quality of discussion across a broad spectrum of traditions. It is a conversation opener... More details here...

A new collection of essays by 13 leading political thinkers and theologians, Together for the Common Good: towards a national conversation "...is a remarkable book, and should be read by all those interested in human rights, justice and politics in a secular and multi-cultural society. To work towards the common good is to work for peace.”
 Jean Vanier
, winner of the 2015 Templeton Prize

Contributors: Lord Maurice Glasman, Clifford Longley, Lord Brian Griffiths, Dr Jon Wilson, Tehmina Kazi, Dr Jonathan Chaplin, Professor Andrew Bradstock, Dr Anna Rowlands, Professor Esther Reed, Dr Patrick Riordan SJ, Phillip Booth, Sam Burgess and Revd Dr Malcolm Brown.


Further reading

Packed with ideas for further reading, related research; sections on What's the common good?, Catholic social thought, Video and audio clips, Urban Ministry...


Opinion pieces

Articles by Lord Glasman, Joshua Hordern, Anna Rowlands, Steve Wyler, Patrick Riordan SJ, Michael Wear, Andy Crouch, Jim Wallis, Clifford Longley, Angus Ritchie, Stanley Hauerwas and others...